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Sorry, I can't hate any airsoft manufacturer.

not to say they aren't without problems.
I don't currently own any ares models.
but for example I'll to try to simplify there compatibility problem from a CS point of view.

first there was AEG, with AEG metal bodies.
then there was GBBR's with different metal bodies.
which wasn't a problem as its one or the other and many compatible brands available for both AEG or GBBR.
then the Ares and Star M4 AEG's appeared... with this new metal body.
Kinda half AEG and half GBBR metal body and 100% WTF.
and is not comparable with any other make and model.
now even there parts brand Super Shooter has release a new metal body specifically for AEG's compatible with TM.
But surprise surprise.. it wont fit TM, King arms, Dboys etc etc, without some skilled and heavy modification.

so now they are making parts... that don't fit any gun.
one has to ask... WTF is wrong with there designer and or QC.

I'm sure it must have seemed like someones good idea to go proprietary.
but sad they couldn't see that compatibility is a major pull in this industry.

edit, ok the same can be said about GBBR WE metal bodies.
WE GBBR is proprietary but is a whole other system and seems more assessable with replacement parts.
compared to taking a AEG and changing the body so only they can make them, seems a little narrow minded.
...Lugers and Rugers and M1's and the all for sale...
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