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Jing Gong makes an SR-25. Is it fair to assume the body is plastic?

After looking around most of the SR-25 threads on this board ive come to the realization that building a good working SR25 mostly from sratch is not only going to be insanely expensive (like more then i paid for my car) and quite difficult in sourcing the required parts. The metal reciever seems to be quite hard to come across and quite expensive when you do actually find one.

Its hurts, but an SPR is more realistic and feasable. A 5.56 Armalite reciever is the best platform to build from. Im looking into doinng something similiar, but using one lower reciever and having two seperate and swappable upper recievers for different requirements. A short upper for CQB enviroments and a reciever with a standard lenth M4 barell or slightly longer for the increased range and accuracy. You can still get the performance you wanted from an SR25 in a 5.56 SPR, and for cheaper too.
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