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Originally Posted by Goldman
They voulenteer, and understand what the job encmopasses. Being a vounteler firefighter dosen't give you the right to use the flashing light whenver you want and run reds, your expected to maintain the same level of honour and professionalism of a paid firefighter. If they can't maintain a standard of professionalism that is held by people who are paid to moderate any board, then they shouldn't be in the position, in my opinion.

Not to mention, its hard to play the "were voulenteers so shaddup" card, when the administration will reject, or refulse moderatorship to qualified members that ask, or applied for the position. Espeically when no clear or direct reason is given for the denial.
Well, they don't provide an essential service like firefighting. If in you're in a rural area and depend on volunteer firefighting services, you don't have a choice in the services that are provided. However, you do pay tax dollars which goes to the payment of their equipment and the administration of their services so you do get to expect a certain set of minimum standards.

Conversely, this forum was started by a small number of individuals who pay for hosting with private capital and maintain it with volunteered time. They started this club they called Airsoft Canada and because they paid for the registration of the DNS first, they actually get to set policy, break policy and decide who gets to go into the treehouse and throw waterballoons at Susie Derkins.

If they piss off their membership too much, they lose their membership to other administrations. It's really up to the mods and admins to decide how to run their public forum. Scare away potential new players? Everytime someone claims this as a good reason to take airsoft super public, they get viciously stomped down. I think it's hard to argue that goofing around on ASC jeopardizes the security of airsoft. There are many alternate forums for airsoft in Canada.
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