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Originally Posted by Freeze View Post
Dear god...we do NOT need any more of 13 year olds saying "hey I gots a gun, now I've got powa11!!!!1!!".....

My friend says that he was shot at by little kids with BB guns at the Tim Hortons near his school.....
The age to play at many places in the US is 10 with your parents beside you. 12 on your own. So obviously the thousands of minors in the US posting videos of their "awesome noob pwner" loadouts doesnt help the image here in Canada. Obviously canadian children dont get the concept that those videos are from the US and guns arent that cheap or easy to get.

And as for the kids shooting BBs at your friend. I shouldnt post what i would do in that situation as its not friendly, but the reality is that even if caught by police they would get little more then a "that was wrong, dont do it again".

Parents are gaurenteed the problem. Technology has replaced proper parenting. When i was kid parents taught their kids responsibilty and how to behave in society. Now thats replaced by horrible reality shows with people acting like drunken retards.
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