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Originally Posted by Sarge127 View Post
Whoa whoa whoa buddy, no there not rare... i found this site retailer were they sell like millions of them for cheap... yes could be clones, but if you upgrade it it wouldn't be a clone now would it?...
If it's a clone, it's not a tokyo marui now is it?

And as a matter of solid, field proven FACT, certain tolerances in clone rifles are sometimes off, meaning if you put all the parts from my TM VSR into a JG VSR and the JG might not perform as well, you're just going to need to replace more parts to get it up to the same accuracy, like the receiver, hop chamber, barrel spacers, etc.
The parts you're keeping from the clone rifle are the base of what you're building your rifle on. It's no different than buying a CYMA AK47 and putting an FTK in it. It's just not going to perform as well or as reliably as say a VFC AK with an FTK.

That being said, I've only seen 2/15 clone sniper rifles perform better out of the box than a marui VSR-10. Put a 360-380fps spring in a stock marui, and it'll outrange MOST 470fps clone rifles without a problem. You're not guaranteed to get a crap clone, but there IS a lemon rate that you need to be aware of.

There's a reason to buy quality name brand stuff instead of clones. Especially when it comes to a sniper rifle, you depend on that one shot, it needs to be perfect every time.

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