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Your first post does not make sense.

Quality bolt action rifle is the exact opposite of the two rifles you want to buy.

I guess you wanted to say decent quality and reliable.

In that case I would REALLY recommend you to get the Echo1 M28. It is a copy of the CA M24, and compatible with all the upgrades on the long run.

It is VERY accurate out of the box and with a surprizingly soft spring, it shoots 400 on the spot.

I had 7 Well bolt actions in the past, and none of them where consistent or accepted upgrades right-on.
I also upgraded 3 TM VSR-10s and 2 Maruzen APS-2 Type96. They are worth the initial investment.

Remember that in the long run, you would save only 100-200$. I am a gun doc so I don't even pay to have my guns fixed. But the amount of work that theses clone rifles need to barely work is just stupid. Worth way more than 300$ of work in my opinion.

So if you are serious about sniping, get a CA M24, TM VSR-10, Maruzen APS-2 Type 96, TM L96 (if you can find one, but they are just amazing) or a Echo1 M28.

If you just want to try it and don't mind the rifle exploding on you after 2-3 months, feel free to get anything.
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