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Originally Posted by MadMax
Beyond being a prick about semantics, I'm trying to point out that the volunteers who maintain this dboard owe little to it's members since their help is voluntary.
Granted, but what I think Goldman is referring to is the inherent expectation that those in authority, voluntary or otherwise, exercise their power in a consistent and unambigious manner. This sort of joke kinda makes its hard for that same authority to use a moral/ethics argument to support sanction against a user when that person in power has violated that authority.

Yes, they have the power to do that, but it doesn't make it respectable, it just proves that they're willing to run by two sets of rules. Its hard to respect an authority (voluntary or otherwise) that does that.

If you're going to enforce a set of rules, your own behaviour has to be above reproach, or, you're just seen as a bully. Like I said, I can't argue against Goldmans' point.

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