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Hey carl, thanks for that,
If anyone has a problem, why not take it up with me, (though i personally won't really care).
I saw an issue that i've seen a LOT.
I decided to toy with it.
Panic ensued

Everyone thinks this sport is so damn fragile, when it isn't.
Most also take things way to seriously.

It's funny how people are so quick to criticize the people who pay (both $, time, and effort) to keep this running for them, and get very little in return but complaints about how this or that isn't fair. This board is privately run, live with it.

This was a prank, one that well, the masses took to an extreme. I actually didn't htink it was a very well thought out one, and one that i thought would be ignored. Oh well. It's happened before, it will happen again. History always repeats itself.
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