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Originally Posted by Goldman
Originally Posted by Adrian
Originally Posted by Goldman
yet they pull a prank like this, it kinda shatters that professional image. Ya know what I mean?

Yeah. The mods are all jerks. Trust me.

Originally Posted by MadMax
professionalism? They don't get paid. You have to be paid to be properly defined as professional.
I'm not trying to attack anyone, and regardless of pay, the Mods/admins are supposed to be the police of the forums, and pulling childish pranks like that, when your in a position of authority, doing stuff like that reflects poorly on themselves and the board.

Maybe i'm using the wrong word, but professioanlism (maintaining the boards, being impartial, resolving disuputes, and having the power to permit, and ban people from the site), is the only word i can think of to encompass what a mod should be.
Beyond being a prick about semantics, I'm trying to point out that the volunteers who maintain this dboard owe little to it's members since their help is voluntary.

When you pay for something, you get the right to complain about getting something which fails to meet expectations. When you use something that is provided for free, you don't get the right to prosecute your providers unless they entrap you (lure you into comitting a crime) or cause you malicious injury.

If you borrow a friends car, you not entitled to be taken really seriously if you complain about it's poor acceleration or crappy collection of CDs.

Likewise, if you get sick of the loudmouth idiots or management of your volunteer administrated chess club you only have the right to find a different club. You talk to the management, but they don't actually have to appease anyone.
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