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Been looking at Airsoft for awhile, and my interests were kindled as of late, and I have been spending a couple of days gathering up information and friends alike.
Trying to find a place nearby has been quite difficult and I decided that you fine fellows were a good place to start off. So uhm... Hello, Hi, Howdy, How are you?
Pretty new to Airsoft don't know a whole lot, but am immeasureably interested, the only sad things is from what I've read so far it's nearly impossible to ship guns into Canada, and I gotta wait another two years just to get a taste of the action T.T.
Regardless hello everybody! this is Rurik, Necrosphere, or Landrew wishing you all the best of luck out in the fields. May your finger never waver, and your bb's strike true. Also dat block-o-text ^^ Totally inspired by Thomas Bergersen - Aura - (Track 1/19) [Illusions] - YouTube whilst writing this up!
Beware The Dragon That Sleeps For Thoust Art Crunchy And Taste Good With Ketchup. ^^
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