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Originally Posted by Scarecrow
Originally Posted by Goldman
I'm not trying to attack anyone, and regardless of pay, the Mods/admins are supposed to be the police of the forums, and pulling childish pranks like that, when your in a position of authority, doing stuff like that reflects poorly on themselves and the board.

Maybe i'm using the wrong word, but professioanlism (maintaining the boards, being impartial, resolving disuputes, and having the power to permit, and ban people from the site), is the only word i can think of to encompass what a mod should be.
You know, its really hard to argue with logic like that. The boy wonder has a point. Can't say I would disagree with his point of view.
I would have preferred if Tharkad and Illusion had never started it, but what can you do.... but throw more fuel on the fire really? Once you've got a good blaze going, it's the only thing that makes sense.
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