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Please read before you post randas
Originally Posted by HonestJohn
Originally Posted by zero delay
Big joke, the real joke is how lame this fucking board has become, so pathetic that this is the kind of shit you people think passes for informative, keep it up and this whole board and all the BS that it perpetuates is soon gonna be a sad footnote in the history of Airsoft in Canda.
That's swell, I love you too, man.

5 other mods start a joke, drop my name, but noone takes it seriously until I post about it? I'm sarcastic 6 hours out of every day, I barely take myself seriously.

If there was actually a problem with the law, one of two things would happen:

a) The site would dissapear (unlikely, unless I had to protect people's identities - I certainly would rather shut the site down, than give any legal authority connection to anyone here)

b) There'd be a front page news post about it, or I'd contact everyone via a mailing list with the 411
Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
Give your head a shake, man. You don't jump out of a shaky car so you can ride in one that's on fire.
Originally Posted by Duff_Man_in_CADPATs
I also noticed for the first time that Bod sounds a lot like Jango Fett.
Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
I like the part where he got banned.
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