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I dunno.... Kind of seems like that Techfast stuff that was a flop IMO. Not saying that company is crap but I've never heard of it before 2 minutes ago and it seems like it's following the same lines of that Techfast stuff.

Just wait it shouldn't take much longer. If anything just PM the guy who did your AV and see if he's submitted it yet. Sometimes they do forget....

The grass is always greener on the other side. Just don't be like that guy who wants something good but cheaps out and realizes what he bought originally was crap, buys something better afterwards, and ends up spending more money than if he originally bought something better in the first place.

eg. Someone wants to buy a computer but cheaps out and gets a Celeron but realizes it's crap then goes to buy an i3 cause he doesn't have enough money left over from reselling the original Celeron system when he could have just bought an i5 system in the first place.
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