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Lucid Airsoft

I recently got a lump of money given to me and was planning to spend it on a my first gun. I planned on getting one from the classifieds, but it's been two weeks since I met with someone to get it done and I haven't heard anything new about it. Becasue I'm starting to get impatient, I decided to look at getting one new from a retailer. This is when I came across Lucid Airsoft's LM4 Carbine and LP5 A4 (M4 and MP5). They were advertised as being "specifically geared towards the experienced veteran and the new airsoft recruit" so they seem like a good choice for someone like me. Unfortunately, there is absolutely NOTHING I could find on them after a google search other than their website and their facebook page. There were no reviews or detailed lists of specs to compare. The closest I found was someone saying they have G&G written on the body, leading me to believe that they are gutted G&G guns. This is all merely speculation so I decided I should ask to see if anyone else has experience with them and whether they are worth getting.

My questions are:
1. Has anyone else got one and would you recommend it?
2. Is it worth taking a chance with one of these for a new player?

Their website can be found at

If my AV doesn't clear in a few days then I'll most likely be getting one (depending on the answers I get here), so if anyone in the Guelph, KW, Cambridge area wants to use it for review purposes feel free to PM me.
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