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Originally Posted by zero delay
Dude, I do my own thing and I have never given a fuck about Tru, I have always blazed my own path, I wondered into this out of pure curiosity, which i usually curb because on this board it has proven to be a big waste of my precious time, so all i know is what is posted here, doesn't take genius to see that he turned alot of people in to save his skanky hide from likely nothing more than a fine, that he has made enough money to pay for about 50 times over from dealing guns on this board, so any BS about Kang being a greedy self serving bastard that ruined airsoft had better expand to include Tru's name IMO. Between Kang and the retailers it's business, but alot of you likely considered this guy a friend, if Kang actualy did what he is accused of (which i dont know if i believe completely) at least it was all in the realms of business dealings.
Whoa, first of all, any charge can be a LOT more then a fine. Try the sale of restricted weapons. The sale of prohibbited goods which are meant only to be sold to individuals with proper licencing (i.e. movie studios)
Second, there isn't a LOT of money in the airsoft business either!
I think ANYONE would sell out a bunch of people htye didn't know to save their hide, its a universal phenomena

Oh and what the fuck have you done for the community...

In all honesty, nothing can really fuck up airsoft. With all the problems there has been in the past, the sport is still around. Even after the poor kid got a bb stuck in his brain last summer (or the one before that) nothing has happened.
The Government has more anal things to fuck around with the firearms act
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