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Originally Posted by zero delay
I guess this is gonna get me the big bad ban but if this is the MO of you mods then so be it. You guys should seriously start tyring to help the sport instead of acting like 12 yr olds, I'm not the only one who thinks that way and if I didn't have a game to promote and some gear to sell off I wouldn't give a rat's ass about your warnings. The whole thing reeks of immaturity, something I personally think is not a trait a mod should display.
I thought giving guys like you a place to sell gear and promote events WAS helping the sport? No? Or did you think that these sites run themselves? I ran myself ragged a few times just keeping this boat afloat (I'm not an IT professional, as midgetspy can attest), as far as I was concerned, that was my contribution to airsoft (going on 4 years now, and alot of my own cash).

I have no interest in banning you. There are close to 10 thousand people that use this site, if I expected everyone here to have a good attitude, I'd be kidding myself. Got used to it a long time ago, and I'm a pretty blaze guy anyway, so you're welcome to whatever opinion you like. As long as you're not disruptive to the operation of the site, think what you like.
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