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Okay, I'm closing this thread: Pamelawest, you came with a question and it's been amply answered.

I also have to say I have some serious misgivings about this thread:

1) pamelawest you initially came seeking advice yet within 2 posts you started defending/promoting the underaged players: you sound more like the 14 y.o kid in question who's created an account in mommy's to try and argue your point favorably with the community. (and I can't help but think "Adam West" / No Username / cantthinkofname)

2) entertaining the possibility your query was legit, the answer was still that pretty much no one will take 14-15 yo kids. Many won't even take 17. That's a fact, deal with it. No amount of arguing done on the forum is going to change it.

3) also understand you see your kids playing with the harmless little Walmart guns (the actual technical term we use for them in the hobby is "underpowered piece of shit") probably shooting .12g BBs: your offspring will not only probably have a bad day because he's severely disadvantaged on the field, you'll also find he'll be getting shot at with guns with shoot a lot faster and a lot harder, using heavier BBs that can carry that energy downrange MUCH more effectively.

If you think the airsoft we play is the same as what your kids play in the yard, you need to do a bit more homework.

4) even the Walmart and CT guns are supposed to be 18+ (store policy, Ontario law and the recommended age written on the box). By your own admission you've bought them for your kids: YOU are part of the problem our community faces. If you really want to have em shooting at each other take them to paintball.
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