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Originally Posted by bujitjit View Post
*P.S. Its really funny that you guys purchased an item that wasnít suppose to be sold in here and then complaining you canít find parts or get the warranty for it. Like the Mk.43 that mentioned above is not officially in CANADA yet, because Iím waiting for one as well!
Hey Bub,
Just an FYI The M60 MK43/E3/E4 been out for a while while the Stoner MK63 is enroute and if you can call a product that function for 15 minutes out of the box and then suffered a catastrophic failure to the internals and outer body.....great?? well i got news for ya... I want to be on the record here Zshot as a distributor are great in helping me with dealing with ARES in regards to getting spare parts and warranty issue on the body but as for recommending ot liking ARES products to newbies I'll reserve that till I see a better product in terms of TOTAL reliability similar to King Arms or G&P

I've been around the block for a while I'm part of the group of players that see the evolution from JAC to Marui to the current plethora of manufacturer that is available to us now, each and every manufacturer that i have dealt with always put a steady supply of OEM parts when launching a product ie. G&P Stoner, I purchased a spare mag box and it arrived three days before my Stoner is at my door. while ARES made some interesting stuff the lack of propriety spare parts and quality of internals are just mind boggling, especially if you have internals that is not using a standard parts. Like I said in my previous post nothing piss off a player/collector more than having to spend a butt load of money fixing the AEG after spending another buttload of money getting the stuff here, so it will work as it should out of the box.

I hope this is part of ARES's growing pain, as every manufacturer had their bad growing pain experience and I hope they will take the suggestions here and improve on them they are a good company, they make some interesting stuff but if their bread and butter items are inferior to the competiton then they will not last long in this business

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