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Originally Posted by bujitjit View Post
First of all, I'm not trying to start an argument, but just few things I want to clarify. I must say Iím a big ARES fan, and big fan on innovative and original design.

I honestly donít see problem with having proprietary parts. Each factory creates their own parts for their own products.

Its really funny to see this kind of complain only appear in the airsoft industry! So in other words, you guys would expect a H&K part to fit into a COLT, or you expect to find BMW parts in a Honda dealer?

Come on man, standard parts donít even make sense. If you guys are wining about standard parts, who should be the Standard then? Marui? Because thatís the only brand that famous and most people would at least have one in the past? And exist longer than other?
So what do you do when a proprietary part is broken?
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