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First of all, I'm not trying to start an argument, but just few things I want to clarify. I must say I’m a big ARES fan, and big fan on innovative and original design.

I honestly don’t see problem with having proprietary parts. Each factory creates their own parts for their own products.

Its really funny to see this kind of complain only appear in the airsoft industry! So in other words, you guys would expect a H&K part to fit into a COLT, or you expect to find BMW parts in a Honda dealer?

Come on man, standard parts don’t even make sense. If you guys are wining about standard parts, who should be the Standard then? Marui? Because that’s the only brand that famous and most people would at least have one in the past? And exist longer than other?

So in that case, why don’t everyone start buying ARES, and eventually ARES will become the STANDARD parts then!

Further more, ARES stay true to a lot of the detail compare to the real steel, like the clockwise threat is probably one, and they have stock tube that can be dissemble from the body, unlike those marui crap that attached!

As for reliability issue, I see ARES as Hyundai, they are getting better and better for both internal and external.

Also, they do have an OFFICAL CANADIAN DISTRIBUTOR, the info is on their own website, or if you are too lazy to find the info, I would love to give it to you! They got me the parts without any problem.

However, ARES pretty much just entered CANADA this year IMO, before 2011 when OneWorld still the distributor, you hardly able to find any ARES product in any store, but now its pretty easy to find one.

Give them some times and I’m sure their proprietary parts will be easily assessable in the future.

Lastly, as we all know, airsoft is an expensive sport in Canada when compare to other countries, if you guys don’t like the special parts, don’t even touch airsoft from any manufacture then, build your own…lol !

*P.S. Its really funny that you guys purchased an item that wasn’t suppose to be sold in here and then complaining you can’t find parts or get the warranty for it. Like the Mk.43 that mentioned above is not officially in CANADA yet, because I’m waiting for one as well!
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