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Wow great response Superhog. You are right I bought the gun for his birthday and he has always worn protective equipment. It was not a $500 gun but was $100. He has played with friends at the cottage where they would play like a team against team type game. I can speak for him and his friends when they do have an opportunity tu use the guns they are transported safely and not used in the community at all. I can say my son would NEVER be stupid enough to take a gun to school. All he wants is an opportunity to play a game with his freinds. At the moment he sets up targets in the garage! If an opportunity ever arose for him to play in a game with friends it obviously isn't going to be at the level of play that the pros engage, I realize that, but their are 14 and 15 yr olds out there who by whatever means own airsoft guns be it 100 or 500 dollars and there is a desire by these boys/girls to play with them.
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