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I have been following this thread and starting to see an area of opportunity for ASC or other clubs to support what I see could be our airsoft future.

Pamela is a responsible parent that has come to us for guidance and support. She has kids that have airsoft guns because she bought and want proper use of them. Although it came from Walmart or Cdn Tire, to the public, it's a gun. Aim a clear gun at the police and they could act back in a lethal way.

Pamela also knows other parents that also have kids with airsoft guns. ASC folks you have the power to reach out and help those that buy from these mass market stores and educate them to educate others.

Also the image of airsoft have been marred in the past by airguns bought from the mass merchants.

What I am saying here is the perfect opportunity to foster and educate a sector of owners that we always poke fun at.

14 year olds can read a lot about airsoft on the forums and get a airsoft gun at Walmart and without guidance, proper use, the parents are blamed. Remember folks, the parents are not airsofters!

Asking Pamela to take their kids to some woods will never educate them better than us doing it. Regardless if we own $500+ guns, their $25 guns can destroy your sport if flashed in public or taken to school.

I am sure we can have a boot camp hour where kids can play against each other under proper supervision and at the same time for them to meet and greet real airsofters 18+.

Also at the boot camp day, kids can pair up with a 18+ so he/she can mentor the kid during the play.

Have a look at this video... all these kids are under 18

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