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Dude, I do my own thing and I have never given a fuck about Tru, I have always blazed my own path, I wondered into this out of pure curiosity, which i usually curb because on this board it has proven to be a big waste of my precious time, so all i know is what is posted here, doesn't take genius to see that he turned alot of people in to save his skanky hide from likely nothing more than a fine, that he has made enough money to pay for about 50 times over from dealing guns on this board, so any BS about Kang being a greedy self serving bastard that ruined airsoft had better expand to include Tru's name IMO. Between Kang and the retailers it's business, but alot of you likely considered this guy a friend, if Kang actualy did what he is accused of (which i dont know if i believe completely) at least it was all in the realms of business dealings.
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