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Originally Posted by ZShot View Post
Sure, some of the features have produced isolated incidents of failure, but generally speaking we haven't seen any features where we said "Wow ARES, What were you thinking?"
Anything you've ever made that's been proprietary, that goes for internals and externals.
It's all fine and dandy when you have company sponsored maintenance, and the distributor fixes the guns since they get all the parts.

But when someone comes to me and says "hey my gun broke, put upgrade parts in it" or "hey I want this gun to shoot 1500rpm at 400fps", then I have to deal with that crap.

Unless I'm absolutely sure the base model of an AEG is fully compatible with aftermarket parts, I won't even touch it.
When purchasing an AEG there are two things I look for; Sturdiness, which is the quality of materials they make the gun from. And compatibility with aftermarket parts, because I fully upgrade my guns as soon as I get them.
So far G&P has been the market leader for me in robustness and internal accuracy.

ARES doesn't make as awful a stock gun as crossman or STAR or ICS, but it's still not good enough for me to recommend it to anyone.
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