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Airsoft is much more expensive in comparison to the USA, as such players here are much more hesitant to invest in a new rifle/pistol etc if it uses proprietary parts. Especially when the "Maple Curtain" between us and the states results in complications with the honoring of warranties and importing replacement parts.

Having been involved in the sport since '02, and having seen the evolution from TM dominance in the industry to the explosion of independent manufacturers, then gas guns etc... My humble suggestions are as follows;

- Eliminate the reliance in your designs on proprietary parts, or if not possible ensure that ARES sets up a web store where replacement parts can be ordered by ARES customers worldwide;

- Coordinate with one of the major retailers here in Canada to be the official ARES distributor, for the purpose of stocking above mentioned parts in country, and to organize the honoring of warranties; and

- Address the lackluster reputation of your internal parts; most likely the easiest way would be to subcontract this to a company known for the reliability of their internals. Your externals have a great rep for accuracy and build quality, but these days there are many brands with "good to go" internals out of the box, no one expects to have to do anything more than replacing a few wear items like pistons etc occasionally. Anything more turns prospective buyers off and sends them buying another brand with good internals.

Thanks for listening to the community, I hope you find our feedback to be constructive and useful.
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