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Hello Zshot,

Warranty on airsoft guns is no existent in this industry. If a gun is know for reliability then people tend to go with the gun that gets good reviews.

If your company decides to go with proprietary on parts and not have them available you created the dislike for your products from customers and dealers as well. You have been aware of it so just an executive decision and have the parts available either through dealers or direct as a form of customer support.

Most people have stay away your guns also because of the trigger micro-switch and other fragile parts. So what is stopping you folks from going back to the tradition switch assembly which is readily universal and available to everyone? (KWA has the 2GX proprietary mech box but it is built tough and reliable and gets good reviews)

You ask a question if people hate Ares, we don't hate Ares, we just buy other guns because they are more industry compatible and parts are available.

A year from now if Ares does not change, and you ask the same question, people will give you the same answer.

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