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Hello Pamela.

Unfortunately for your son, airsoft as a sport is limited to 18+ in Ontario and most of Canada. This has to do with the legal personal liabilities involved with the usage of realistic airsoft guns. The vast majority of the Canadian airsoft community supports this 18+ self-enforced policy. The legal aspect basically states, in a nutshell, that someone who is not 18+ is not wholly legally responsible for his/her actions.

Many of us are not willing to take on those liabilities in the field. The sole exception is that some game moderators may allow a sub-18 person to play, if the parent is also playing (in the field, not from the sidelines). To the best of my knowledge, even with game mod's permission, the cut-off age would still be a general 16+.

Even if you son got an airsoft gun, it wouldn't be from anyone in this community, and we would not likely let him play until he reached 18+.

In the meantime, if he is interested, I would encourage him to come out to those airsoft games to spectate, ask questions about gear & guns, and meet community members. If he asks and is mature, he may be allowed onto the field as a cameraman (with the game mod's permission, of course). Make a strong enough positive impression, and he may be one of the lucky few who is allowed to game at 16+.

Good luck.
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