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I dont "HATE" but being able to reconmend to someone....... that is harder due to the proprietary parts.

Right now I own 2 ares guns (M14 EBR, and L85) , and would look at a third either PGM, or L96.

my main issue is that getting parts is a pain in the arse, and the amount of proprietary parts drives me nuts, the M14 i needed to get shooter mags for it.

I love the look, and the wieght, but trying to find the sniper rifles are not easy.
bring in the guns, the parts, and put the cost to replace items in a range that makes it easy for me to say "Yes" when i am buying a new gun.

I like my ares, now my friend had the PPSH and he had many issue's as he tells me.

I look at ares though like buying a car. people like certian brands for reasons sometimes they cant even explain, and others hate those same brands for the same reason.....

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