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As far as I know, most of the ARES proprietary parts will be available for Canadian by Dec. if not earlier with their Canadian distributors ---> Continxxxxx Ultxxxxx Inc.<-- I dun think I can put their name on because they are not with ASC, but if you want to know the name of it, pm me, especially if you looking for the parts, I can give you their contact.

As for the reliability issue, I believe its older model, most likely before they separate before STAR.

I believe the newer (2011 and up) production is way better compare to prior 2011 production.

Also, 1 thing that take into consideration is that all of the internals with the new Canadian distributor, they are all upgraded to support the stronger spring, and as far as I know, they are "TRIPLE TESTED" prior to shipping.

first test at factory with the signature of the technician
second test was done once the distributor receive the guns
third test was done by the distributor prior to shipping

and i believe some retailer test it in front of the customers as well, so I don't see any problem of the reliable issue with 2011 and up productions.

I must say knowing some insider news from them, their boss is a gun fanatic, he tries to pay attention to the detail as much as possible. Plus most of the people I met are satisfy with what they get for the external, and aside from waiting for special parts internal seem fine.

Also, as for the GI youtube thing, I personally don't "buy" it at all, its more like car magazine, its a bias thing plus they are sponsored by manufacture like G&G and Echo 1! Anyhow, I still think the grease gun mag is kinda stupid for ARES, but at least its an original concept, must give points to that.

Further more, with their retail price, I think its quite reasonable for what you get. Especially for their G36 faimly, I would take one of them over those VA stuff anydays, at least they are full black with

just my 2 cents, thx for reading, I know I might get grill on here, but honestly I support original and innovative design.
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