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Originally Posted by shiftsup View Post
I have a few Ares AEGs (FNC, L1A1, M3A1). All of them perform to expectations. None have given me issues yet and all worked out of the box. The only aegs that have given me out of the box problems were Real Sword Type 56-1, A&K M60VN, King Arms FN para long length and my VFC BAR.

I do have concerns about getting spare parts for the Ares models when they do break.

I thought all the crapping on the Ares M3A1 was way over the top. It shoots straight and has surprising range considering its 340 fps. It also quite solid and robust in the field. I took advantage of the Redwolf 3 mags + 4 battery package and now have 10 mags. Didn't break the bank. The ICS M3 looks kinda toyish and that hi cap mag it comes with doesn't really turn my crank.
Can you please also let us know how you feel about Ares's PPSH?
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