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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Is this this Phil B? If so welcome aboard.

It's a shared account, so a few of our sales staff will probably monitor it. Though since I handle 99% of the customer and end-user support I will be the one browsing and lurking more than anyone.

Thanks for the welcome. I've had a personal account for years, but I am not much of a poster. Glad to be here ( again )

Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
since when did the opinions of a bunch of retard youtube keyboard warriors matter?

Generally we try to abide by the "don't feed the trolls" and "haters gonna hate" mentality in regards to any bashing on the internet, but to see people putting it so flatly and to see so many agree, made us turn and scratch our heads a little.


By the way guys, we're eating this feedback up. We have been trying to stress some of these complaints to ARES for ages. Maybe it'll be the mouth of the consumer that reaches the ears in HK.

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