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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
I'm not a fan of products. I've been tinkering with the insides of airsoft guns for the past 5+ years, and I've been doing it professionally for at least the past 2 years.

They tend to use low quality metals, far too many proprietary parts and have very poor initial build quality (internal construction is always very off on every ARES I've worked on)

Their guns are nice looking and try to be very innovative... but they still fall short in quality and reliability.

The only ARES guns I'd recommend to my customers are their G36 and L1A1 Line.
I had bought their M60E3 and and A&K M60VN around the same time to replace my stolen Inokatsu M60, out of the two the ARES lasted about 15 minutes of shooting before the mechbox fried due to stripped piston and gears, to topped it off during that 15 minutes of joy a stress fracture developed on teh hop up assembly and the body itself (RAS portion that connects to the main receiver) in anycase if ARES want to be a leader they should improve their internals. STOP Cheapening out on your internals. good looking gun with shitty internals may fool teh nubs but not the old farts around here and anywhere else, it is the biggest turn off to many players when you have to spend a nother chunk of change to make your AEG work as it should out of the box, especially after you spend a chunk of change getting them. Even your ELGM why do you have to put such a shitty spring set on a beautifull nade launcher, is that miniscule excuse that you call a spring the best you can put?? come on I have GBB spring set that have heavier pull that what you guys put in there.

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