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since when did the opinions of a bunch of retard youtube keyboard warriors matter?

I'm not an old salty dog of the airsoft world, I'm new to it, but my observations of a lot of people have been that once they've had 1 or 2 bad experiences with a brand, they tend to hold grudges and a good portion of the sheeple out there listen.

I have not owned, handled/fired/gamed an ares gun so I don't have much of a valid opinion on ares product.

Bob did the review not Tim, though I don't think he really dumped on the ares version, he compared the player practicality of the ics vs ares versions. How practical is it for a player to have a battery in every mag for the ares version? From a collector's standpoint, the ares probably has better fit and finish, which Bob did mention in terms of how much metal/polymer there was in the ics version. The comments in the video dump on ares more than the video did.

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