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take your place in the food chain

Originally Posted by [DI]DeathSniper
If you get bitten enough you sorta don't notice it anymore :P
Skeeters like sweet "city" blood, and outa shape bodies that sweat too much and blow out huge volumes of CO2. Its the CO2 that attracts them
you wanna deal with the skeeters, get fit, spend as much time in the bush as you can, and just take your place in the food chain.

Eventually your body won't freak out every time you get bit.. and swell up.. it is a immune response to the anticlotting protien injected by the skeeter so he can suck your blood.
it takes a few days in the bush nearly going crazy.. but once that is past.. and you accept that you are made of food, you can deal

black flies.. well that is a whole different story... I hate those little fellas
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