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The story behind Tru is very real.

You can all thank Snake01 for this and his constant badgering of Canada Customs on the legalities of airsoft.

In a post that he later deleted from the "Airsoft and Canadian Law" thread, he mentions that he called a second customs official and posed various questions to him.

Here is a quote from that post:
I asked him about how some companies receive their automatic aegs? He said there is no such thing as licenses to obtain automatic airsoft aegs that are below 500fps, so he starts asking questions but who is dealing them, and of course I completely clapped up, and I told him I don't remember where.
After that, an investigation was begun by the CFC in BC, which spread to Ottawa. Notice was spread to the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Prohibited Importations Unit. Investigations further trickled down to their regions and in an internet search for "Airsoft Canada", guess what site popped as the number one hit? And guess what you see as the first forum on this board? Tru-Mart.

I got a call from the RCMP and customs today as well... My three shipments en route to me are now held for an indefinite amount of time "pending investigation."

I may have potentially lost $13,000 now.

Tru got the fingering of his lifetime... and he isn't even old enough for prostate checks yet.

Thanks to you, Snake01.

Maybe you should learn to be quiet when you're told to.

Further reference to Snake01's beginning threads:

Reference to Snake01 and his threads:
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