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Originally Posted by kennysteez View Post
is the mk 16 ( scar light ) really obsolete now? because it is no better or worse than the other 5.56 nato round AR's i think im a little heart broken now i have to buy a vfc scar h to feel more realistic not to mention the mag rarity

whats ur opinion on the scar l being extinct ?

I don't stay up to date with the latest procurement moves made by the special operations community, but it's news to me that 5.56 SCARs are being phased out by 2013. Sounds like they finally saw the light, that gas piston driven ARs or 5.56 rifles were looking for a problem that didn't exist with the traditional gas impingement systems - as long as the proper PMCS were followed. It doesn't sound like they are moving entirely away from 5.56 to 7.62 though, but for operations in A-stan, I'd would rather have 7.62, that being said though, a heavier grain bullet would be a nice stop gap measure, before phasing in 7.62 rifles if they indeed make the shift. I'd also imagine that the SEALs, Rangers, Army Special Forces, MARSOC, AFSOC or whatever tier 1 uber-death-ninjia-high-speed-low-drag group will still have some degree of freedom to choose their weapon systems based on what is most optimized for their particular mission, so there might be some SCAR-Ls out there when dust from the procurement battle settles.

For references here is the US Army PMCS guide for the M4/M16:

For best duty loads for 5.56:
If Barrier penetration is NOT an important factor AND your rifle can stabilize them (1:9 minimum twist rate):

Hornady 75gr OTM loads
Nosler 77gr OTM loads
Sierra 77gr SMK loads
If Barrier penetration is NOT an important factor AND your rifle can't stabilize the heavy 70+ grain bullets:

Sierra 69gr SMK loads
Hornady 68gr OTM loads
Winchester 64gr JSP (RA223R2)
Federal 64gr TRU (223L)
Hornady 60gr JSP
If your rifle is 1:12 twist rate and can only shoot lighter-weight bullets:

55gr Federal bonded JSP load (LE223T1 or P223T2)
Barnes 55gr TSX/TAC-X
50gr TSX loaded by Black Hills*
If Barrier penetration IS an important factor (most of these should work with 1:9 barrels, but use common sense in regards to twist rate requirements)

62gr Federal Trophy Bonded Bear Claw (TBBC) bonded JSP (XM556FBIT3)*
64gr Winchester solid base bonded JSP (Q3313/RA556B)*
50gr TSX loaded by Black Hills*
Speer 55 & 64gr Gold Dot JSP (5.56)*
Federal 62gr Mk318 Mod0 (T556TNB1)*
62gr Federal bonded JSP Tactical (LE223T3)
55gr Federal bonded JSP load (Tactical––LE223T1 or identical Premium Rifle––P223T2)
Swift 75gr Scirocco (usually requires 1:7 twist)
60gr Nosler Partition JSP
Remington 62gr bonded JSP
Federal 55gr TSX (T223S)
Speer 55 & 64gr Gold Dot JSP (.223)
Federal 62gr Fusion JSP (Same construction as the Gold Dot)
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