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The engine is slated for rebuild, and the displacement is getting bumped from 1600cc to 1900, not as big as the SEALs unit as it has a 2200cc powerplant in it. The material cost was on par with a new snow machine, (Sans the weapons which as you can imagine add alot to the over all cost). The weapons are attached to the mounts by a 3/8 spring clip pin like this.

to remove them from the mounts you just unhook the spring gate and yank the pin, and it leaves the mount clean with just a small plate left attached to the foregrip of the '60, that way the weapons can be dismounted quickly and used where ever they are needed. Also during K2 any weapons left laying around will be vulnerable to being used against you by your opponents, or can be left in a boobytrapped state by them, so taking the Squad guns with you after the vehicle is disabled is a wise choice to say the least.
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