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No one is forcing you to buy from Canadian retailers, just giving you their experience so you won't make the same mistakes. Say it's $700 for the gun you want in Canada and $300 in the US. It would cost $800ish shipped, taxed and it comes to your door within a couple weeks. Or you could spend $400 from the US with shipping, wait a month, get blacklisted, lose the gun and still have to spend $800 to get in Canada.

I'm not really a great example of this because I'm still new, but this is what I've seen from months of reading on this forum.
I am not looking to import, I've read and i know!! I juste want to be sure for the Canadian price is right, and, I just wanted a simple answer of why people think they are less expensive in states = # of people and demand.

Iv'e been answered, and no I AM NOT THINKING ABOUT IMPORTING AGAIN AND AGAIN!! :P I juste wanted to know WHY? and if the Canadian price are justified and they are
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