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I agree with dogtoy

Absolutely, in the old days there was tons of horse play with many different realistic toys. In some places walking down the street with a bb or pellet gun was even tolerated to some extent by the local law enforcement. BUT because the fear mongering groups or agencies who like to lump all people into the same groups (you listen to headbanger music: therefore you must be a devil worshiper) play their tunes on their pied piper instruments and weave a song of mystery and terror. How come I never hear of anyone say that person is a politician so therefore they must lie about everything they say. P'UH-Lease really people one does not make it EVERYONE... and until we as a large group and voice start to teach and show people that there is nothing to be afraid of the hobby or the general individuals who chose to play the sport. Every product, item, pretty much thing ever invented has been abused by on person or another throughout time. We could be pro-active and start even something along the lines of what the UK does so that there is some teeth to inapropriate actions or behaviours. It kills me to see a buck being made by the I don't care retailers who don't care about you or your sport, selling to the (and I use this term loosely) stupid unknowledgable parents when their kid who they let run their life and household, tells them they want a airsoft gun that they know nothing about responsibilities and the possible injuries that they can inflict on themselves or others. You don't think most of those stupid parents would go buy them a car or a large sword, then again you do see them buying them quads and skidoos that are over powered and too dangerous to ride alone. It's all about education people... educate the masses and win their hearts

The sad part is really how only certain items seem to always be chosen to make an example of, but not the real things that truely are used in illegal fashion everyday by young and old, stupid and smart individuals.... like cars!!!
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