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Shipping, duties, importation paperwork, a cut of everyone involved, etc. all play a factor here. You can't say it's like cars, electronics or something like that because at least with the car industry there's NAFTA to kind of cover some of that cost.

Why is it that we pay more for cable, internet, cell phones and such than other countries? Did you know that North Korea had 3G networks up only 3 years after we in Canada had them?

It's a lot better than 5-6 years ago when you would pay ~$700 for a Classic Army M16 (and thats when their internals were shitty and you had to pretty much upgrade everything inside). Shipping and duties play a big role here actually. Say you score an awesome deal on an LCD TV during black Friday in the US. How much does it cost to ship that one TV from the US to Canada? What about duties, taxes, customs clearance, etc?

Also, how about a small store buys 50 TV's to sell? What about a bhain buying 10,000 TV's? The more units you get the cheaper it becomes, not only that shipping costs almost even out and it doesn't cost much more to ship an extra 1000 units (plus these chains probably get really good wholesaler pricing too).
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