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Price USA vs Canada?!

Hi everyone, I am just new at airsoft and I am looking for my first gun and I am looking alot on the internet and all the stuff and while I was shopping for my first AEG one questions came up in my mind..

Why the prices are so much different between americans and canadian? Because canadian airsoft website and even canadian airsoft shop have probably a permit for these importation... so my question is, maybe we have an 50$ difference between the USA ok.... but i've been looking and its more about like 40% difference, so why this difference stands?

As an example, juste look the echo 1 series or even the Ares and VFC, there are a HUUUGGGEEE difference between our prices and their prices +- 200$

Like in the states I think with an 300$ you have an 500$ canadian airsoft gun.

So thanks to help me up with my litle question

And if you know a shop in Canada that has great prices let me know because Iv'e look alot and the prices are all the same for what i found
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