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You know I remember way back in the 80's & 90's ,..There was a bunch of us kids like around 10- 14 years old some of the older brothers collected those model guns you used to be able to buy at leisure world , some were full metal some plastic replicas of .45 & revolvers & such ....about a dozen of us would go out on the streets in a fairly busy neighborhood & play cops & robbers type of thing ,....Now we never pointed them at anyone else , but many many bystanders saw us playing & it was never a problem ,...I think the attitude then was ,..."Well we know they cant be real because they are just little kids"
We never thought of doing anything malicious with them we just played with them , they had fake bullets , on the end of the bullet was a depression where you put a cap that simulated firing ....We did this almost every weekend in the summer ,...never ever had a problem ,.....Theres no way you could get away with doing this now,....I guess not only have attitudes changed ,....but so have kids ....its sad.
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