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Originally Posted by herr baron
Does anyone know if the airsoft site is any good and if they rip people off or not?
Now that they've gotten the sarcasm out of the way...

Given you are in Canada, pretty much forget about ordering from overseas or from the US. You stand good odds of the shipment being seized if it contains airsoft guns. Order your stuff through a retailer in Canada who knows how to navigate the customs thicket. That way you'll get it.

Having said that, I've heard mixed reviews about Den Trinity. They're prices look cheap until shipping and customs duties are factored in. And any guarantees about non-seizure only apply to places where airsoft totally legal (like here in the US) and the rules for your country are followed (covering trades, orange tip, etc). I've heard enough stories from those I play with and read reviews that I would not order from Den Trinity.

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