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Airguns In The News. Again.

Alrighty. On the new's earlier this night there was a quick clip on an incident in downtown victoria regarding random people being shot by a group of adults with softair guns.

Will have the video clip from this incident on here as soon as I can. My hosting provider has to "verify" the content.

So till then, here is the text from the video. Everything is EXACTLY as it was said. (I like to keep it VERY detailed.)

"(Camera in news room focusing on reporter)
(Reporter) Victoria police have arrested four men & two women, all in their 20's, after as many as 15 people reported they had been shot by pellets in downtown Victoria this afternoon.

(Camera changed from reporter to footage of police @ Fort & Cook.)

Police were called called to the corner of Fort & Cook, and then entered a suite in a nearby apartment complex.

(Camera now shows the cheap ass guns laid out on the grass)

Along with the six young adults they found three pellet firing guns & containers of 6mm pellets.
(Camera shows bottle of 6mm bb's)

(Camera focuses on Officer giving report on incident.)

(Cst. Theresa Tuttle, Victoria Police) It turned out that the individuals were um...shooting..the uh..their randomly & very irratic from the win..from the window..on the...right at Fort & people in the street. Ah we are taking this very seriously..ah there will be charges laid..for assault with a weapon.

(Camera shows softair guns being taken out of police cruiser and laid on grass for display.)

(Reporter) Police say they can't believe adults would do something so foolish. The hard plastic pellets can cause serious injury.

(Camera show's bottle of 6mm bb's once again.)

A number of people who were shot said the pellets stung. Noone reported being seriously hurt."

Gotta love how fucking stupid some people can be. Gotta give prop's to the reporter for not saying "airsoft", let alone even mentioning "softair".

I included all the stutters/ect but hey, She's doing it freestyle so its all good. Hell, We'd all be the same if we weren't being spoon feed.

Anywho here is some pic's of the footage. Fuck I really need something to occupy my time at night.

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