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Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
I am curious why you would distinguish between GBBRs and AEGs, as I have never played on a field with this policy?
The heavier the BB going through a gas gun the more energy it picks up while in the barrel due to more energy transfer from the gas used to propel it. A spring is relatively linear in energy when you use heavier rounds but it's my understanding that with gas guns the energy "curve" by using heavier BB's is more akin to the equation "n log n".

So you might be firing at 1.4J with .20's on an AEG and still do 1.4J on .28's it will just go slower but with a GBBR or GBB system if you're at 1.4J on .20's then switch it up to .28's you might see 1.6J even though it will travel slower it has more energy. Note remember that we keep stressing FPS limits but rather we should be stressing energy limits.
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