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bit of an update here for everyone, here is a quote from ASO

Okay, this is starting to bug me.

What kind of welcome have i recieved here? I didn't show up here with an attitude. I came and asked a few questions and was simply disregarded as some stupid noob who is gonna go out and cause trouble for the rest of you. I already told you i have no interest in playing in organized fields, so don't worry about it, and don't worry about me getting into trouble with the law. That will be my problem should it arise. I should point out that the question asked was never even answered. The only "answer" i keep getting is to go play paintball. If i wanted to play paintball i would. Clearly i don't or i'd be on a paintball forum right?

You all assumed i was going to go play in my backyard or in suburbia or something. We are going to be playing at our friends cottage occasionally. There is nobody around to get hurt or even see us playing. The whole idea is we can play airsoft there and not paint all the trees around his cottage and ugly it up.

All that said perhaps we can get passed all this. You all can stop acting like i'm not good enough for your sacred sport, and i'll stop replying like a jackas*.

And i'm sorry but your guns being replicas obviously does cause problems, or else you would be able to play with them outside the specific areas without issues. Clearly it is because they can be misrepresented as the real deal and be used in robberies and such. I understand it makes everything look more realistic, but it doesn't effect the games you would play wiht them if they were changed. Or even just adding the orange tip could make a big difference.

As to my best little rainbow buddy over there, who's got at least as much attitude as i do. you say i act as a know-it-all-noob. But I have already said things like Quote:
But then, i don't know much about the whole thing.
I hope you play better then you read rainbow, for your sake.

And i will ask my original question again. For some people who don't want to throw a whole lot of money into the sport, and are just looking for some pretty basic guns to play with what do you recommend? I understand most of the pistols require green gas, we would be happy with pistols but don't want the gas. We want them to be powered by batteries or something so we don't run out of the stuff while we are out there and can't get more. We want semi-auto as well. Can you recommend a cheaper gun that would meet these requirements?



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