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greetings Noble Citizens of ASC!

My name's Roberto. Ive been lurking around the forums for about 3 years (joined march 25, 2008) and now since its about time for me to participate.

the reason why I signed-up for ASC is because back then the only option I knew when buying airsoft was through ASC's classifieds. I got 'age verified' late last year. lol

I am in the healthcare field (work in nursing home) and still planning my course of action which is going back to school as a fine arts student.

I am an art guy. I DRAW ALOT. I draw basically everything (that is whatever I see or deemed interesting) here's a sample (NSFW)

I will still keep my status here as a lurker and will lurk moar.

other than everything that I said, ASC rocks!

Take care y'all and God Bless
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