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The major difference in between airsoft fields and paintball fields is made by our ''nice friends'' (speedballers). Light gun, acurate, 25bps, running and sliding... So commercial paintball field are specially made for (speedballing). But they aren't always like in picture of the 4th post, with balloons and soccer grass. I do play Mil-sim paintball in a indoor far-west style field, but sometime I feel like I'm tire of playing with (speedballers) that why I'm slowly transiting to airsoft.
No speedball/xball league allows over 15bps ramp, and Ive never seen a paintball gun that could keep up with an airsoft build meant for speed. Doesnt really bother me as much in airsoft, because with the greater variety of roles and guns it just adds to everything.

People do play paintball just like airsofters do, there are milsimers and such as well who play in wooded areas and feilds.

One thing I miss about paintball is the middle ground where it wasnt about weilding fancy space dildo's shooting 15bps or having to be extremely milsim, I loved the part where it was just me and my gun(pump action, I could outsnap speedballers and pop woodsballers before they saw me), and I could do anything I wanted with it.

Back on topic paintball feilds usually have more hard cover, allowing you to stand up more than I do when I play airsoft. In airsoft I tend to use natural cover a lot more.
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