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Can't complain about the iMax B6:

Another one I've heard good things about though is the Turnigy Accucel series:

TBH I don't know much about chargers but if you read about them on RC forums they'll be the ones to know about which chargers/batteries are the best. But TBH for airsoft purposes pretty much any smart charger will be fine. Even the simple plug and play "smart chargers" with no led display screen (EDIT: It should have voltage cutoff (usually marketed as "Negative Delta V") and also have a light that turns on or off to let you know when it's done). Note however that if you want to charge lipos you will need a charger that has ports for balance leads to make sure you don't damage the pack when charging and that each cell will be at equal voltage.

PS: Chargers I've linked to don't include power supplies. Go to an electronics shop for that or buy off their website (but make sure you get a 100-120v power supply seeing as we are in N. America and we use 110V for our mains supply).
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