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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
It should be but it's probably a good idea to get another battery with more amperage so the battery will last longer (generally you can approximate that 1 mAh = 1 shot, 600 mAh = 600 shots more or less which might be OK for an indoor/short game but doesn't cut it for a day long game unless you're easy on the trigger and definitely won't cut it for a milsim).

I would suggest putting a PEQ box up front with a brick battery inside even if you're easy on the trigger. I have a 2800 mAh 9.6V myself and I definitely pick my shots but the extra insurance of the extra amperage is always comforting.

NB: 8.4V (7 Cells at 1.2V) is a pretty standard voltage especially for TM's.
Awesome, thanks man. I'll tell him to just buy a new 8.4v battery. What charger are you using brand wise?
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